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Saiko is a 48-year-old woman. She is of Japanese origin and came to the West to open a restaurant with her husband. They work with two young waiters. For this weekend, Saiko will be alone with its servers. Her husband will go on a trip to their native country to attend a family event. She already thinks of all the things she can do and that she has dreamed of doing for a long time.

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Since these Japanese spouses have recruited their two young waiters, Madam has always had a crush on them. In fact, Marc and Jacques are beautiful boys of their twenties, muscular and charming. The first day when Saiko's husband left, she changed her dressing history to attract males. She dresses sexy. The message is clear and both servers immediately understood it. They begin to approach her more than usual. When the last guests left, Saiko invited them to have a drink. They accepted. In fact, they already had time to speak this morning and imagined together what they could do to this lady. They agreed to kiss her until dawn. In short, they want to make a milf porn with her. Besides, these two pigs have always fantasized about madame. They take advantage of this opportunity.

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Marc is impatient. He laid down his glass, approached Saiko and caressed him everywhere. She did not show any sign of refusal. Seeing the scene, Jacques is more and more excited. He comes to kiss the Japanese. The temperature rises. They undressed. The two waiters finally have a nice view of their boss. That excites them even more. While Jacques makes a cunn in Saiko, Marc kisses her mouth. The bitch can not any more, she asks to be penetrated. It was Jacques who started and then they alternated the turns. They then sandwiched the Japanese. Fucked in front and behind, Saiko is at the height of pleasure. She finally reached orgasm. Never did her husband make him vibrate at this point.

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